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Donkey Kong 64
Nintendo 64
Boxed with Manual
1999 Release

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Nintendo 64 (N64)




Platformer, Adventure


VG 141

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Embark on a dimension-defying journey with Vintstreet’s offering of a complete “Donkey Kong 64” for the Nintendo 64. This celebrated 1999 release propelled the Donkey Kong saga into the realm of 3D, granting players the chance to navigate a lush, expansive world with the series’ most beloved characters. From the densely forested outcrops to the foreboding depths of factory fortresses, each level presents a tapestry of challenges to overcome and secrets to uncover. In the hands of five distinct Kong personalities, each with their own quirky abilities and styles, you will leap, swing, and blast your way through evocative landscapes, all the while accompanied by a vibrant, toe-tapping soundtrack that captures the essence of adventure. As an original collector’s edition, this “Donkey Kong 64” copy is more than just a game—it’s a cherished slice of video game history, a memento of the innovative leap into 3D gaming. It’s ideal for the collector who values the timeless appeal of authentic gameplay, the nostalgia of groundbreaking graphics, and the joy of a soundtrack that echoes with the echoes of Rare’s finest compositions. Whether proudly displayed or delicately played, this artifact of gaming heritage invites aficionados to relive the magic of a pioneering platformer.

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Donkey Kong 64 – Boxed with Manual – Nintendo 64 (N64) – 1999

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