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Silent Hill Shattered
Play Station 2
Boxed with Manual
2010 Release

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Play Station 2


Climax Studios


Survival Horror, Psychological Horror

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VG 126

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Vintstreet invites you to return to the fog-laced streets of fear with a boxed edition of “Silent Hill Shattered Memories” for PlayStation 2. This 2010 reimagining of the venerated “Silent Hill” saga offers a novel vista into psychological terror, where the lines of reality blur with dreadful ambiguity. As you traverse the icy streets of a town that haunts as much as it hides, prepare to confront a narrative woven with personal dread, solve riddles that whisper of the town’s dark secrets, and encounter its ghastly denizens. This copy is a time capsule for purveyors of pristine horror gaming experiences. It grants not just a game, but an untouched portal to a uniquely re-envisioned Silent Hill. Within lies an immersive world of fear, brimming with atmospheric suspense, compelling characters bearing ghostly truths, and a story that grips you to your core, refusing to let go long after the console has cooled. For collectors, this is a hallowed relic; for gamers, an invitation to lose oneself in the depths of one’s own psyche within the ever-unsettling Silent Hill.

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Silent Hill Shattered Memories – Boxed with Manual – Play Station 2 – 2010

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