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Final Fantasy XIII-2
PlayStation 3
Sealed Copy
2011 Release

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PlayStation 3


Square Enix


Role-playing game (RPG)

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VG 92

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Embark on an enthralling quest through time and reality with Vintstreet’s mint-condition, sealed “Final Fantasy XIII-2” for PlayStation 3. Released in 2011, this spellbinding installment of the Final Fantasy saga propels you into a realm brimming with secrets, enigmas, and the untamed beauty of a narrative rich in complexity and depth. Stride into a world teetering between the echoes of yesterday and the unknown possibilities of tomorrow, where every lush environment awaits your exploration with a blend of danger and wonder. Mastery over innovative strategic battles will test your mettle as you manipulate time to alter the course of destiny. This collector’s gem, impeccably untouched, stands as an archive of gaming innovation—encasing a story that weaves a tapestry of timelessness with characters whose ambitions and destinies are as mutable as the world around them. Vintstreet presents this opportunity to own a piece of lasting legacy; “Final Fantasy XIII-2” is not merely a game but a portal to a majestic journey where every decision carves a unique path through the fantastical continuum. Secure this pristine copy and answer the call to adventures untold with an experience that remains as visually spectacular and narratively gripping as the day it was sealed.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Sealed – PlayStation 3 – 2011

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