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Pokémon Snap
Nintendo 64
Boxed with Manual
1999 Release

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Nintendo 64


HAL Laboratory


Rail shooter, Simulation


VG 147

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Delve into the picturesque Pokémon universe with Vintstreet’s treasured offering: a complete, boxed “Pokémon Snap” for the Nintendo 64. This 1999 gem invites players on an unforgettable rail-cart safari, winding through Pokémon ecosystems brimming with life. Your mission: to take stellar snapshots of the captivating creatures in their natural habitats. Unleash your creativity as you discover the secrets hidden within each stunning locale, from volcanic trails to deep undersea caverns. Interaction is key; toss an apple or a well-aimed Pokéball to reveal playful behaviors or rare Pokémon species. Discover paths less traveled to expand your photographic journey. In the safety of its original packaging, this collector’s item encapsulates the joy and novelty of the “Pokémon Snap” experience—where charming visuals, serene soundscapes, and a world of diverse Pokémon await your lens. Whether kept as a pristine keepsake or opened to rekindle the thrills of exploration, this version of “Pokémon Snap” is a snapshot of gaming nostalgia, offering a refreshingly serene spin on the Pokémon world.

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Pokémon Snap – Boxed with Manual – Nintendo 64 – 1999

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