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Pokémon Gold Version
Game Boy Colour
Boxed with Manual
1999 Release

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Nintendo Game Boy Colour


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Role-playing game (RPG)

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VG 157

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Embark on a timeless quest with Vintstreet’s complete “Pokémon Gold Version” for Game Boy Color, a cherished classic straight from 1999. Step into the shoes of a budding Pokémon Trainer, venturing through the diverse landscapes of Johto, a region rich in legend and lore. This gem offers the unique chance to capture and train a new generation of Pokémon, meet iconic characters, and challenge formidable gym leaders. As a complete collector’s piece, it safeguards the purity of the Pokémon Gold experience—from the strategic battles to the thrill of discovering rare and powerful Pokémon. Treasure the nostalgia, the sense of achievement, and the melodies that scored your journey to becoming a Pokémon Master. Holding this game in your hands is like grasping a piece of history, offering the same complete joy and excitement that captivated gamers more than two decades ago.

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Pokemon Gold Version – Boxed with Manual – Nintendo Game Boy Colour – 1999

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