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Pokémon Blue Version
Nintendo Game Boy
Boxed with Manual
1999 Release

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Nintendo Game Boy


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Role-playing game (RPG)

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VG 104

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Step into a world where the thrill of discovery and the joy of companionship converge in Vintstreet’s immaculately boxed “Pokémon Blue Version” for the Nintendo Game Boy. This treasured 1999 release invites you into the rich tapestry of the Pokémon universe, laying out the expansive Kanto region for you to traverse in your quest for mastery. Delve into the wild to capture and cultivate a diverse ecosystem of Pokémon, each brimming with potential, as you prepare to outsmart and outduel other aspiring trainers. This copy is more than just a game; it’s a snapshot of an era that set the cornerstone for a global phenomenon. The allure of “Pokémon Blue Version” lies in its classic characters, from the wise Professor Oak to the infamous roster of antagonists, Team Rocket. The compelling gameplay—an intricate dance of strategy, patience, and foresight—and the rich collection of Pokémon awaiting in the tall grass, caves, and seas of Kanto, all wait complete in this collector’s gem. This artifact is a siren call to both collectors seeking the pristine nostalgia of their youth and new adventurers longing to experience the game as it was felt by the very first trainers. With each unbroken seal, a door remains closed to the past yet holding the key to countless untold stories, ready to unfold once the plastic is peeled away and the cartridge breathes its first breath in a new era.

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Pokémon Blue Version – Boxed with Manual – Nintendo Game Boy – 1999

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