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Mario Tennis
Game Boy Color
Sealed Copy
2000 Release

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Nintendo Game Boy Color


Camelot Software Planning


Sports (Tennis)

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VG 60

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Vintstreet invites you to hit the virtual courts with a mint condition, sealed “Mario Tennis” cartridge for the Game Boy Color. Unleashed upon the world in 2000, this game serves an ace by merging the competitive sport of tennis with the whimsical charm of the Mario franchise. Face off on courts filled with imaginative obstacles as you play through a selection of Mario favorites, each with their own unique playstyle. Deepen your skills with engaging gameplay that stands the test of time, mastering powerful serves and cunning drop shots across varied game modes. This untouched collector’s item encapsulates the original thrill of “Mario Tennis,” complete with its beloved cast and creatively designed courts. Whether strategizing a perfect singles match or engaging in the camaraderie of doubles, this game is a key highlight for any enthusiast looking to recapture the nostalgic spirit of classic handheld sports gaming. Add this unopened time capsule to your collection and relive the satisfying clinks and thwacks of a well-placed tennis rally in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Mario Tennis – Sealed – Nintendo Game Boy Color – 2000

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