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Mario Party 5
Nintendo Game Cube
Boxed with Manual
2003 Release

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Nintendo Game Cube


Hudson Soft




VG 97

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Dive into the world of Mushroom Kingdom festivities with Vintstreet’s boxed edition of “Mario Party 5” for the Nintendo GameCube. Originally released from the enchanting gaming forge of 2003, this title gifts a new wave of players with the classic party experience, Mario-style. A cornucopia of mini-games awaits, each bursting with playful challenges and surprising twists across vibrant playing boards that define the series. Select from a beloved ensemble of characters and summon your competitive spirit as you and your companions aim for the crown of the ultimate party champion. This capsule of merriment is a treasure for any collector, retaining the untouched joy and spirit of the original Mario Party 5 adventure. Embrace the camaraderie, the laughter, and the sheer unpredictability that each roll of the dice brings in this classic gathering of virtual celebration. Secure this gem for your array and relive, or newly discover, the reasons why Mario Party became a synonym for entertainment across gaming generations.

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Mario Party 5 – Boxed with Manual – Nintendo Game Cube – 2003

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