At Vint Street, our discerning selection pays homage to Oakley, a brand that represents the fusion of performance and poise. Esteemed by athletes and urban adventurers alike, Oakley has forged an indelible legacy with its cutting-edge eyewear and apparel. We are thrilled to present a curated assortment of Oakley classics, where innovation meets iconic style.

Vintage Oakley Sunglasses

The Oakley sunglasses stand as a centrepiece of our collection, epitomising the marriage of form and function that the brand is renowned for. Known for their unparalleled optical clarity and sports-ready resilience, each pair of sunglasses embodies the adventurous spirit that Oakley champions. These aren’t just lenses to shield your eyes; they are visionaries that frame the world for the dauntless.

Vintage Oakley Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Our range of Oakley hoodies and sweatshirts speaks to those who demand excellence and comfort in equal measure. With Oakley’s trademark high-performance materials, these pieces offer a soft haven from the chill, whether you’re scaling a mountain or navigating the urban jungle. They reflect a commitment to endurance, a staple for those who revel in the Oakley ethos of pushing beyond limits.

Vintage Oakley T-Shirts

And for the t-shirts, it’s a canvas where casual meets cool. Infused with Oakley’s athletic DNA, each t-shirt carries the essence of the brand’s innovation. Designed to complement the dynamic lifestyle of its wearer, these t-shirts are a nod to those who lead the pack, whether on their board, bike, or beating the pavement.

At Vint Street, we understand that Oakley is more than just a brand; it’s a badge of distinction for the trailblazers and trendsetters. Our curated selection of Oakley gear is for those who see beyond the conventional, who live with intensity and a hunger for the next challenge.

Embrace the spirit of Oakley with our vintage collection – where each item is a fragment of the brand’s trailblazing journey. Donning an Oakley sunglass, pulling over a hoodie, or slipping into a t-shirt from our range is not merely a fashion statement; it’s an ode to the mavericks and the innovators. Let Vint Street be your gateway to the Oakley heritage, where every piece resonates with the brand’s unfaltering vision of excellence.