Lonsdale, a brand that has seamlessly straddled the worlds of athletic performance and casual style, consistently delivers collections that resonate with sports enthusiasts and style seekers alike. At Vint Street, we’re thrilled to curate a selection of Lonsdale’s classic items, presenting a line of vintage clothing that appeals to those who hold a special appreciation for sporty, retro aesthetics.

Vintage Lonsdale Trainers

Let’s focus on the quintessential Lonsdale Trainers. Known for their durability, comfort, and classic design, these trainers have found their place in both the sports arena and everyday life. They serve as a cosy throwback to the sporty style of years gone by, offering a tangible link to the comfort and straightforward elegance of the past.

Vintage Lonsdale Hoodies

Moving on to Lonsdale Hoodies – not just garments, but emblems of relaxed, athletic style. The vintage hoodies, often displaying the iconic, recognisable Lonsdale logo, take us back to moments where sportswear and casual wear began to intertwine. Vint Street proudly offers a range of Lonsdale hoodies that echo tales of an effortless, sporty elegance and the casual charm of bygone days.

Vintage Lonsdale Sweatshirts

Then, we have the Lonsdale Sweatshirts. Renowned for their easy wearability and casual style, these sweatshirts remind us of Lonsdale’s dedication to providing sportswear that is both functional and stylish. They transport us to relaxed weekends and laid-back training sessions, where a sweatshirt wasn’t just a piece of clothing but an essential component of casual, comfortable living. Lonsdale sweatshirts are not just garments; they’re a tribute to an era where athletic wear became not just practical but also a significant part of the casual fashion narrative, offering a union of comfort and style.

Exploring further into our collection, you’ll find a variety of shorts, jackets, and more, each proudly bearing the Lonsdale logo, asserting the brand’s longstanding tradition of merging athletic wear with casual style. The vintage shades, the retro designs, and the unrelenting quality make each piece a nostalgic journey into the relaxed, sporty elegance of the past.