Fat Face

Fat Face, a brand deeply rooted in adventure and relaxed style, has over the years become a favourite for those seeking comfort combined with a touch of British charm. At Vint Street, we’ve gathered a collection that showcases the timeless appeal of Fat Face, offering classic pieces for those who have a soft spot for laid-back elegance.

Vintage Fat Face Shirts

Kicking things off with Fat Face Shirts: These aren’t just any shirts. They’re a testament to a laid-back lifestyle, often featuring unique prints and soft fabrics that make them an everyday favourite. Whether you’re heading to the beach or a weekend brunch, a Fat Face shirt ensures you do so with effortless style.

Fat Face Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Moving on to the realm of Fat Face Sweatshirts and Hoodies: These cosy pieces are perfect for those cooler British evenings or lazy Sunday mornings. Recognised for their snug feel and iconic designs, they’re a go-to for those looking for both warmth and a dash of casual cool.

Vintage Fat Face Knitwear

Rounding off with the ever-comforting Fat Face Knitwear: These knitted gems encapsulate the brand’s passion for quality and style. Be it a chunky cardigan for those colder days or a lighter knit for transitional seasons, Fat Face’s knitwear collection always strikes the right balance between comfort and chic.

As you explore deeper into our Vint Street, you’ll find an array of Fat Face pieces, each capturing the brand’s ethos of embracing life, adventure, and the great outdoors. Our collection isn’t just about wearing clothes; it’s about savouring the laid-back spirit that Fat Face has been championing since its inception.

Dive into the world of Fat Face with us. Whether you’re pulling over a soft hoodie, buttoning up a shirt, or wrapping yourself in snug knitwear, you’re stepping into a world of British casual style that Fat Face has perfected over the years.