Evisu, a brand deeply rooted in the artisanal craftsmanship of denim, stands as a testament to timeless fashion and intricate detailing. Here at Vint Street, we’re thrilled to showcase a selection that epitomises Evisu’s signature style, making it accessible for enthusiasts of refined denim designs.

Vintage Evisu Jeans

Starting with Evisu Jeans: More than just trousers, these are iconic pieces that tell stories of dedication to denim artistry. Recognised for their unique seagull branding and impeccable craftsmanship, Evisu jeans encapsulate an era when quality and style stood paramount.

Vintage Evisu Denim Jackets

Next, the Evisu Denim Jackets: Perfectly combining form and function, these jackets resonate with a timeless allure. The attention to detail, from the robust stitching to the iconic brand motifs, transforms them from mere outerwear to wearable art.

Vintage Evisu Coats

And not to be missed, the Evisu Coats: Marrying the brand’s ethos of superior craftsmanship with the need for functional yet fashionable outerwear, these coats embody the essence of Evisu. They serve as a warm embrace during chilly days, all the while exuding the undeniable charm of vintage denim aesthetics.

As you explore further into our Vint Street collection, you’ll encounter a diverse range of Evisu pieces, each a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and design. This curated collection isn’t merely about wearing clothes; it’s a journey into the rich heritage of denim craftsmanship.

We, at Vint Street, are delighted to offer this handpicked selection of vintage Evisu apparel. Donning those jeans, layering up in a denim jacket, or wrapping yourself in an Evisu coat, you’re not just making a style statement — you’re embracing a legacy of denim excellence that Evisu has nurtured over the decades.