Everlast, a name synonymous with durability and timeless sporting appeal, has made its mark not just in the ring but also on the streets. Here at Vint Street, we’re eager to spotlight a selection that captures Everlast’s iconic essence, catering to those with a penchant for sport-infused style.

Vintage Everlast Tops

Firstly, the Everlast Tops: Not just garments, but symbols of a sporting era where functionality met street-smart style. Characterised by their bold branding and durable fabric, these tops echo a time when casual comfort and athletic aesthetics went hand in hand.

Vintage Everlast Joggers

On to the Everlast Joggers: Beyond mere athletic wear, these are a nod to the days when ease of movement was married to casual cool. The soft, comfortable fabric, coupled with the brand’s distinctive logo, paints a picture of laid-back weekends and spirited training sessions alike.

Vintage Everlast Shorts

Finally, the signature Everlast Shorts: Perfect for both training and leisure, these shorts are a testament to the brand’s commitment to combining versatility with style. They remind us of sun-soaked afternoons and rigorous workout sessions, symbolising the blend of performance and relaxation.

Delve deeper into our Vint Street assortment, and you’ll discover an array of Everlast classics, each piece reflecting the brand’s enduring commitment to quality and style. This collection isn’t just about donning an outfit; it’s about embracing a rich sporting legacy.

At Vint Street, we take immense pride in presenting this handpicked collection of vintage Everlast pieces. Whether you’re pulling on a top, slipping into those joggers, or lacing up for a run in those shorts, you’re not just wearing a brand — you’re stepping into a timeless narrative of athletic elegance that Everlast has championed for years.