Ellesse, a brand steeped in sporting heritage, has effortlessly bridged the realms of athletic functionality and everyday wear. At Vint Street, we’re keen to showcase a collection that embodies Ellesse’s enduring appeal, speaking directly to those who cherish both sport and style.

Vintage Ellesse Jackets and Coats

Kicking off with Ellesse Jackets and Coats: These are not merely outer layers but symbols of an era where sports gear walked hand-in-hand with everyday cool. Known for their distinctive badges and sporty design, Ellesse jackets and coats encapsulate a blend of warmth, comfort, and a throwback to the days when sportswear began making its mark on the streets.

Vintage Ellesse Hoodies

Diving into the world of Ellesse Hoodies: They stand testament to the brand’s knack for merging comfort with undeniable style. Each hoodie, adorned with the unmistakable Ellesse logo, is a reminder of simpler times when comfort met casual, and style was effortless.

Vintage Ellesse Tracksuits

Lastly, the iconic Ellesse Tracksuits: More than just sportswear, these are reminiscent of an era where tracksuits became the uniform of both the athlete and the style-conscious. With their soft fabric and signature design, they hark back to moments where lounging and sport fused seamlessly.

Explore deeper into our Vint Street collection, and you’ll uncover an array of Ellesse classics that echo the brand’s dedication to both functionality and flair. This isn’t just about wearing a brand; it’s about wearing history.

Vint Street takes pride in offering this curated collection of vintage Ellesse pieces. As you zip up one of their timeless jackets, pull on a snug hoodie, or step out in a classic tracksuit, you’re not just embracing a brand; you’re re-living an era of sporty elegance and comfort that Ellesse has championed over the decades.