Dockers, a brand renowned for effortlessly blending comfort with classic style, has consistently rolled out collections that resonate with those seeking practicality without compromising on elegance. At Vint Street, we’re proud to showcase a line-up of Dockers’ iconic classics, presenting vintage attire tailored for those who value ageless sophistication.

Vintage Dockers Chinos

First up, Dockers Chinos. These aren’t just trousers; they’re a style statement. With their streamlined cut, versatile colours, and undeniably comfortable fit, these chinos have become a staple for many wardrobe rotations. 

Vintage Dockers Shorts

Next in line, Dockers Shorts. Perfect for summer outings or casual hangouts, these shorts have always been about combining ease with style. The classic Dockers touch, evident in every stitch and seam, harks back to sunnier days when dressing down still meant dressing smart.

Vintage Dockers Shirts

Let’s not forget the Dockers Shirts. More than mere garments, these shirts serve as a testament to Dockers’ commitment to quality and timeless design. With their crisp collars, comfortable fabrics, and patterns that never fade out of fashion, they echo an era when casual and classy effortlessly coexisted.

Digging deeper into our collection, you’ll find an array of Dockers delights, each echoing the brand’s long-standing tradition of providing everyday wear that’s both stylish and sensible. The familiar designs, the signature branding, and unmatched durability make each item a reminiscent journey to simpler, stylish times.

At Vint Street, we’re excited to bring forth this handpicked assortment of vintage Dockers pieces. But it’s more than just clothing — it’s a nod to a legacy of relaxed elegance that Dockers has championed for years. Every item in our collection reflects a chapter from Dockers’ storied past, and we invite you to relive it. Whether you’re stepping into classic chinos, slipping on a pair of vintage shorts, or buttoning up an old-school shirt, you’re not just getting dressed — you’re embracing a timeless style that still holds its ground today.