DKNY, a brand synonymous with the pulsing energy and sleek sophistication of New York City, has consistently carved out collections that speak to urbanites and fashion-forward thinkers. At Vint Street, we’re eager to introduce a special selection of DKNY’s memorable classics, serving up a line of vintage clothing for those with an appetite for city-chic aesthetics.

Vintage DKNY Shirts

Let’s start with DKNY Shirts. More than just everyday wear, these shirts encapsulate the polished yet edgy vibe of the brand. With crisp lines, unique prints, and that signature DKNY touch, they transport us back to days when dressing sharp was the order of the day, and when a shirt wasn’t just a garment but an expression of individuality.

Vintage DKNY T-shirts

Next, we dive into DKNY T-shirts. These aren’t your regular tees. They stand out with their iconic DKNY branding, reflecting the brand’s knack for blending casual comfort with urban elegance. 

Vintage DKNY Sweatshirts

Lastly, let’s shine a light on the DKNY Sweatshirts. Known for their snug fit and the unmistakable DKNY logo, these sweatshirts have always been about merging warmth with style. 

Beyond these, our collection showcases a range of DKNY treasures, each bearing the marks of a brand that’s seamlessly blended the heartbeat of the city with high fashion. The distinct designs, the recognisable logos, and the sheer quality make each item a step back into a time when city life and fashion walked hand in hand.

Vint Street is chuffed to present this carefully curated collection of vintage DKNY pieces. It’s not just about wearing clothes; it’s about feeling the rhythm of a brand that’s captured the essence of New York City for decades. Every piece in our collection is a slice of DKNY’s illustrious past, and we’re inviting you to be a part of it. As you button up a classic shirt, pull over a vintage tee, or cosy up in a retro sweatshirt, you’re not just dressing up — you’re wearing a piece of city history that remains as stylish as ever.