CAT Workwear, a brand renowned for its unyielding durability and practicality, has long held a strong rapport with both workers and casual wearers who appreciate the rugged, dependable nature of its clothing. At Vint Street, we’re thrilled to present a selection of CAT’s timeless classics, offering a special range of vintage clothing that connects those who have a reverence for both robust and nostalgically stylish attire.

Vintage CAT hoodies

Consider the hearty, reliable CAT Hoodies. Recognised for their ruggedness, comfort, and the prominent CAT logo, these hoodies have become emblematic of a relaxed, hard-wearing style. They invoke memories of work sites and casual outings alike, providing an opportunity to recapture the warm, dependable comfort and straightforward style of eras past.

Vintage CAT tops

Next, the stoic CAT Tops – these aren’t merely items of clothing but sturdy companions that have weathered both work and leisurely environments. The vintage tops, bearing the strong, straightforward CAT branding, recall days when clothing was not only about style but also about steadfast durability. Vint Street is honoured to bring forth a selection of CAT tops that narrate tales of hard work, durability, and an unassuming, timeless style.

Vintage CAT trousers

And then, let’s delve into the world of CAT Trousers. Renowned for their unrivalled durability and practical design, these trousers stand as a testament to CAT’s commitment to producing workwear that stands the test of time. They transport us to a time when a pair of trousers wasn’t merely a garment but a reliable tool, a piece of the working individual’s arsenal. CAT trousers are not just wearables; they’re a nod to a period where workwear became a symbol of both the robustness and the resilience of the worker, providing a blend of function and understated style.

Navigating through our collection, you’ll find a variety of boots, jackets, and more, each item steadfastly showcasing the unmistakable CAT logo, symbolising the brand’s enduring commitment to producing wearables that effortlessly blend utilitarian function with a casual style. The classic colours, vintage designs, and reliable quality make each piece a tangible trip back through the resilient history of CAT workwear.

Vint Street is excited to introduce a handpicked collection of vintage CAT workwear for those who value the solid, unpretentious essence of yesteryears’ work and casual wear. It’s not just about garments; it’s about rekindling the strong, resilient style that CAT has steadfastly provided over the years. Each piece from our vintage collection tells a story from CAT’s durable history, and we warmly invite you to relive the timeless, rugged charm it brings with it. So, as you pull over a CAT hoodie, don a top, or step into a pair of resilient trousers, you’re not only embracing a distinct, durable style but also becoming part of a legacy that continues to stand robustly within the brand.