Bench, synonymous with urban style and comfy, casual wear, has always struck a chord with those who appreciate laid-back yet subtly edgy fashion. At Vint Street, we’re thrilled to roll out a collection of Bench’s classic pieces, offering a unique blend of vintage clothing for those who have a soft spot for nostalgic, yet ever-stylish attire.

Vintage Bench Hoodie

Imagine wrapping yourself up in a Bench Hoodie. Recognised for their comfy fit, soft material, and the distinctive Bench logo, these hoodies have become a symbol of relaxed city style. They recall moments of city adventures and the casual cool of yesteryears, offering a chance to dive back into the comfort and urban appeal of those memorable times.

Vintage Bench Jackets

Next up, Bench Jackets – they’re not just a piece of clothing; they’re a fusion of city-ready functionality and understated style. The vintage jackets, often sporting the cool and recognisable Bench branding, take us on a journey back to times when outerwear made a subtle, yet impactful, statement. Vint Street is excited to present a selection of Bench jackets that weave stories of city life, adventure, and timeless style.

Vintage Bench Jeans

Let’s not overlook the Bench Jeans, which have seamlessly blended the practicality of durable denim with a flair of urban fashion for decades. With their classic cuts and comfortable fit, these jeans embody the perennial allure of Bench as a brand. They remind us of an era when denim wasn’t just a staple but an understated proclamation of style and everyday practicality. Bench jeans are more than just a pair of trousers; they’re a timeless testament to a period where everyday wear became synonymous with a casual yet distinctive style, offering a combination of reliability and effortless cool.

Delving further into our collection, an array of tees, shorts, and other apparel unveils itself, each piece subtly showcasing the recognisable Bench logo, symbolising the brand’s ongoing dedication to combining practical city wear with easy-going style. The vintage shades, retro designs, and durable quality animate each piece, propelling you onto a nostalgic journey through time.

Vint Street is delighted to curate and share a special collection of vintage Bench attire for those who resonate with the practical and cool essence of retro. It’s not just about wearing a piece of clothing; it’s about reviving the easy-going and functional style that Bench has showcased over the years. Every piece from our vintage collection has a tale to tell from Bench’s lively history, and we invite you to dive into the timeless appeal it consistently offers. So, as you zip up a Bench hoodie, button a jacket, or step into a pair of classic jeans, you’re not only adopting a unique style but also becoming a part of a legacy that perpetuates within the brand.