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Orange Box – 5’s Edition
Series 2

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VF 426


Series 2


The Orange Box – 5’s Edition is a prized collectible from the VeeFriends Series 2 collection. This represents a limited-edition box that includes five unique and valuable VeeFriends trading cards. The 5’s Edition is a special curation, making it highly sought after by collectors.
This edition highlights the ongoing expansion of the VeeFriends universe. Each card in the Orange Box showcases the diversity and creativity of the collection, offering a unique glimpse into its evolving landscape. It is a testament to the growing value and significance of VeeFriends collectibles.
For collectors, the Orange Box – 5’s Edition is a valuable addition. It symbolises the richness of the VeeFriends collection and the thoughtful curation behind each edition. This box is a key piece for any enthusiast, reflecting the continual growth and increasing worth of the VeeFriends universe.

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Orange Box – 5’s Edition

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