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Mario Tennis
Nintendo 64
Boxed with Manual
2000 Release

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Nintendo 64


Camelot Software Planning


Sports (Tennis)


VG 148

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Join the courts of the Mushroom Kingdom with Vintstreet’s complete, boxed “Mario Tennis” for the Nintendo 64. This classic game from the year 2000 serves up a delightful mix of classic tennis play and the enchanting world of Mario. Select from an eclectic roster of characters, each with distinctive styles and abilities, and engage in matches across a suite of whimsical courts that promise to challenge and entertain. Precision and strategy drive the gameplay as you volley across various engaging modes, honing your skills to become a tennis ace. Within this package lies the full, complete Mario Tennis experience, eagerly waiting to be rediscovered by fans and new players alike. The vibrant personalities of the characters and the charm of their unique environments have been preserved, presenting not just a game, but a piece of cherished nostalgia ready to be added to your collection.

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Mario Tennis – Boxed with Manual – Nintendo 64 – 2000

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