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Mario Power Tennis
Game Boy Advance
Sealed Copy
2005 Release

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Game Boy Advance


Camelot Software Planning


Sports (Tennis)

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VG 70

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Step onto the virtual court with Vintstreet’s unopened “Mario Power Tennis” for the Game Boy Advance, straight from the vibrant sports year of 2005. This edition serves up the classic Mario twist on tennis, complete with a full lineup of Mushroom Kingdom legends ready to swing their rackets with finesse and power. Each character brings their own flavor to the game, alongside a selection of courts that turn an average match into an extraordinary one with engaging obstacles and power-ups. Holding this game in your hands is like preserving a slice of Nintendo history, unaltered by time, inviting you to uncover the joy and challenge of its original gameplay. Whether carving out top spins with Mario or executing delicate drop shots with Yoshi, this timeless title beckons you to summon your competitive spirit in a variety of inventive tennis modes. It’s not just a game – it’s your ticket to reliving a pivotal moment in handheld sports gaming, with every match promising to be as fresh and enthralling as the day it was released.

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Mario Power Tennis – Sealed – Game Boy Advance – 2005

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