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Bubbly Buzzard
Core Card

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VF 96


Series 2


Soar into the skies of hope with the Bubbly Buzzard – Core Card from VeeFriends Series 2. This jubilant avian is a beacon of cheer, radiating the warmth of a sunny disposition. The Bubbly Buzzard is not just a symbol; it’s a lifestyle, an ethos that celebrates the silver linings and the power of a smile.
This Core Card is a vibrant splash of joy in the canvas of life, urging us to rise above the mundane and to view the world through a lens of wonder and positivity. It’s an anthem for the optimists, the dreamers, and the believers who understand that happiness is a choice and a contagious one at that. With wings spread wide, the Buzzard invites us to glide gracefully over life’s challenges, to share the light of optimism, and to create ripples of happiness in our wake.
By embracing this card, you champion Gary Vee’s vision that a positive outlook is the wind beneath the wings of change. Let the Bubbly Buzzard inspire you to live with zest, to sprinkle enthusiasm in your daily endeavors, and to lead a parade of positivity. It’s a clarion call to those who dare to live with their hearts brimming with hope, crafting a narrative of joy that uplifts and unites.

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Bubbly Buzzard – Core

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