New Balance

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At Vint Street, we celebrate the athletic heritage and timeless appeal of New Balance trainers, a staple that has transcended from purely athletic wear to a symbol of style and cultural significance. Steeped in a tradition of craftsmanship and innovation, New Balance trainers are emblematic of a dedication to performance and comfort that has endured the test of time.

The New Balance trainers’ collection is an ode to the past, with each pair echoing the commitment to quality and functionality that New Balance has championed for over a century. These trainers, renowned for their iconic ‘N’ logo, exhibit more than just a commitment to aesthetic – they are a testament to the pioneering spirit of their originators, who prioritised foot health and precise fit long before the trends demanded it.

In our selection, you’ll find vintage New Balance trainers that are a homage to the brand’s understated style and technical innovation. The classic silhouettes, often rendered in suede and mesh, offer a glimpse into the eras when trainers began their journey as sporting essentials and evolved into streetwear must-haves. The comfort technology embedded in each pair, like the patented ENCAP midsole, reflects the enduring pursuit of walking comfort that has been New Balance’s hallmark.

Moreover, New Balance trainers hold a unique place in British street style and athletic circles, celebrated for their versatility and understated cool. Whether it’s a pair of iconic 990s, known for their distinctive grey colourway and premium cushioning, or the timeless 574s, celebrated for their classic design and everyday comfort, each trainer stands as a tribute to personal expression and an athletic legacy.

Vint Street is proud to offer a curated assortment of New Balance trainers that encapsulate the charm of retro styling while retaining the essence of modern comfort. Each pair is not merely a shoe but a piece of athletic history, a nod to those who value the subtle blend of performance and casual elegance.

For the discerning individual who appreciates the confluence of vintage flair and enduring quality, our collection of New Balance trainers is an invitation to step into a world where the legacy of the past strides comfortably with the innovation of the present. With every lace-up, you reconnect with the past’s champions while paving the way for today’s casual elegance. Embrace the vintage spirit with New Balance, and walk the path of timeless style and enduring comfort.