Lyle & Scott

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Lyle & Scott, a brand that effortlessly bridges the realms of sporty flair and classic elegance, consistently offers collections that resonate with both athletic aficionados and connoisseurs of timeless style. At Vint Street, we’re delighted to present a selection of Lyle & Scott’s enduring classics, showcasing a range of vintage clothing that captivates those who have a deep appreciation for sporty, sophisticated aesthetics.

Vintage Lyle & Scott Joggers

Let’s shine a light on the iconic Lyle & Scott Joggers. Known for their unmatched comfort, sleek design, and casual sophistication, these joggers have rightfully earned their place in both athletic and leisure wardrobes. They act as a comfortable reminder of the laid-back, sporty style of yesteryear, offering a direct connection to the ease and unpretentious elegance of times past.

Vintage Lyle & Scott Hoodies

Moving on to Lyle & Scott Hoodies – these are more than just items of clothing, they’re symbols of relaxed, athletic chic. The vintage hoodies, often adorned with the iconic, recognisable Lyle & Scott logo, transport us back to an era where sportswear and daily casual wear started to blend seamlessly.

Vintage Lyle & Scott Sweatshirts

Next, let’s explore the Lyle & Scott Sweatshirts. Celebrated for their comfortable wearability and understated style, these sweatshirts are a testament to Lyle & Scott’s commitment to crafting sportswear that’s both functional and fashionable. They take us back to relaxed weekends and informal training sessions, where a sweatshirt wasn’t merely an article of clothing but an essential element of casual, comfy living. Lyle & Scott sweatshirts aren’t just garments; they’re a homage to a time when athletic wear became not just practical, but a crucial part of the casual fashion narrative, offering a harmony of comfort and style.

Vintage Lyle & Scott Knitwear

Diving deeper into our collection, you’ll discover a variety of knitwear, each piece proudly displaying the Lyle & Scott emblem, upholding the brand’s long-standing tradition of fusing athletic apparel with casual sophistication. The vintage hues, the retro designs, and the unwavering quality make each item a nostalgic trip into the relaxed, sporty elegance of the past.

Vint Street is ecstatic to present a carefully curated collection of vintage Lyle & Scott apparel. Each piece from our vintage collection is part of Lyle & Scott’s rich heritage, and we invite you to delve into the timeless comfort and style that comes with it. As you slip into a pair of vintage joggers, don a cosy hoodie, or relax in a retro sweatshirt or piece of knitwear, you’re not only embracing a distinct style but also becoming part of a legacy that continues to thrive within the brand.