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Berghaus, a beacon of durable and stylish outdoor wear, has consistently won the hearts of adventurers and casual wearers alike. At Vint Street, we’re eager to showcase a collection of Berghaus’ timeless pieces, offering a specially selected range of vintage clothing for those who cherish a retro, yet enduringly stylish and functional wardrobe.

Vintage Berghaus Jacket

Consider the robustness and style of a Berghaus Jacket. Known for their sturdy build, weather-resistant features, and the unmistakable Berghaus logo, these jackets have become a beacon for those seeking adventures in the great outdoors. They echo the spirit of exploration and the rugged charm of the past, providing a window to relive the comfort and protective elegance of those adventurous times.

Vintage Berghaus Fleece

Shifting the spotlight to Berghaus Fleeces – they’re not just garments; they’re a legacy of warmth and understated style. The vintage fleeces, with their classic cuts and comforting materials, transport us back to excursions under the open sky, where comfort met the wilderness. Vint Street is delighted to spotlight a variety of Berghaus fleeces that narrate tales of timeless comfort and exploration across varied terrains.

Vintage Berghaus Hoodies

And then there are the Berghaus Hoodies, which have enveloped wearers in snugness and casual style for decades. Blending practical designs with an effortless aesthetic, these hoodies encapsulate the ongoing appeal of Berghaus as a brand. They nod to an era where casual and outdoor wear began to blend, offering a hybrid of cosiness and day-to-day style. Berghaus hoodies are not merely casual wear; they stand as a homage to a period of evolving fashion, offering a merger of warmth and relaxed style.

Exploring further into our collection, you’ll discover a wealth of trousers, hats, and more, each piece proudly presenting the signature Berghaus logo, asserting the brand’s enduring tradition of melding outdoor functionality with casual attire. The vintage hues, throwback designs, and durable quality breathe life into each item, taking each wearer on a reminiscent adventure back through time.

Vint Street is thrilled to bring you a handpicked collection of vintage Berghaus apparel for those who value the essence of old-school outdoor and casual wear. It’s not merely about clothing; it’s about reigniting the style and practicality that Berghaus has brought to wearers over the years. Each piece from our vintage collection shares a snippet of Berghaus’s rich history, and we welcome you to explore the timeless charm that comes with it. As you wrap up in a vintage Berghaus jacket, pull on a classic fleece, or slip into a retro hoodie, you’re not only embracing a distinctive style but also becoming a part of a legacy that perpetually thrives within the brand.